Universal Query Tool

We have developed a browser-based query tool called Universal Query Tool (UQT). To access your databases you just need to have a web browser.

UQT is designed for companies which have a large number of non-power users who to need to view the database, run ad-hoc SQL and/or run reports which have been built for them. It doesn't have the full feature-set of AQT - we expect that power users will still use a product such as AQT.

Benfits of UQT:

  • UQT is installed at a single place - on a Web Server.
  • database software and connections only need to be set up and configured at one place - on the UQT Server
  • no software needs to be present on the end user's PC except a web browser
  • a variety of end-user devices can be used
  • administrators have high level of control over the access rights of users
  • has a usage-based licensing model

UQT is a separate product to AQT.

A Demo of UQT is currently available. Please contact us for further details.

Fuller information on UQT is available at www.universalquerytool.com

Overview of UQT

Database page

This shows you the objects in your database

  • UQT can connect to a large number of different database types
  • you can connect to multiple databases (in separate browser pages)
  • the information displayed is similar to that shown by the AQT Database Explorer window
Displaying information on your database

Reports page

With UQT you can develop a set of reports which can be run by end-users.

  • you can configure a user so they can only run reports; they will not be able see the database structure or run ad-hoc SQL
  • reports can have parameters the user is prompted-for when the report is run
  • reports can be linked -so you can display related sets of information
  • reports can display data as a chart
UQT Reports

SQL page

This allows you to build and run ad-hoc queries

  • has syntax highlighting and dropdowns for common keywords, plus column and table names
  • queries can be saved and opened
  • queries are held on the UQT server, so are available irrespective of the device you are using
  • UQT maintains a history of the SQL run
  • has a number of tools for helping build a query
  • can run a script of multiple SQL statements
The SQL Editor

Data Display page

This shows you the result of your query and/or report

  • use the pager control at the bottom to move through the data
  • data can be sorted, grouped and filtered
  • can update / insert / delete rows
Displaying data


UQT can create and save Charts

UQT can Chart your data

Usage-Based Licensing

UQT has a flexible pricing model, ideal for companies with users who only need occasional access to the databases

  • charging is based on a fee per-user, per-device, per-day
  • there is no cost for adding a new user to UQT
  • users are only charged for the days they use UQT
  • the same fee applies irrespective of how much a user uses UQT within the day

The fee has not been set , but we expect it to be in the order of USD $0.80 per user per day