New in AQT v11

AQT v11 is due to be released in late 2021.

Major new features

Save Sessions

AQT can save the state of your AQT session. This will be reestablished the next time you start AQT.

  • AQT can save your session either when AQT is closed, or manually with File > Save Session.
  • you can save a session permanently, and reopen it at a later date. This is very useful if you have a particular job function you need to return to from time to time.
  • AQT has an auto-save option. With this, the state of your session is saved periodically. This prevents your work from being lost in case of a machine crash or reboot.

Export Multiple Tables

This features allows you to export all tables in a schema in a single operation.

  • you can export to csv, Excel, SQL as per the existing Data Export
  • you can specify which tables are to be exported, or apply a filter to export a particular subset
  • Export Multiple can be scripted, so can be included in a batch job

Export History

AQT will now maintain a history of exports. This is useful to keep track of all your export files.

Manage Batch Jobs

AQT will now make it easy to setup, run and manage your batch jobs.

  • there is a dialog for creating a batch job
  • there is a window to view your batch jobs
  • AQT will maintain a history of batch jobs run
  • you can now schedule the running of a batch job. This uses the Windows Task Scheduler.

Minor new features

Export to Grid

You can export to a grid. This is useful when running a query in a batch process - either overnight or because it is a long-running query. The results will go to a display grid, just as if you had run the query from interactive AQT.

The grid can be opened withing AQT from the Export log or Batch log windows.

Data Compare script run

You can now specify that Data Compare automatically runs the resync script.