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AQT Data Compare

The Data Compare tool is part of the Extended Edition of AQT.

Data Compare allows you to compare the data between two different tables, whether these are on the same database or different databases.

  • Data sources can be tables or query results.
  • Source can be in different databases, of different types.
  • Can map which columns are compared.
  • Can generate a script to resynchronize tables.
  • Can be run in batch-mode for unattended resynchronization of data.
Load Select source

Compare Results

  • The result of the compare is shown with the two tables side-by-side.
  • Rows that are different (or in one table but not the other) are marked.
  • Values that are different are highlighted.
  • Can compare LOB values.
Load Mapping

Resynchronizing Tables

  • When you run the Compare, you can specify that a resync script is generated.
  • The resync script can make the first table the same as the second table, or the second table the same as the first.
  • The Data Compare can be run in batch mode (when this is done, the results are written to a report-file rather than the compare-grid).
  • By running this function in batch, you can set up a script to compare and resync the contents of a number of tables.
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Last reviewed on 18 May 2011   

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